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Refreshingly Modern Residential Architecture

Blume Architecture specializes in sprawling estates and historic-inspired homes and considers every detail. Our lifestyle-focused homes are classically influenced and evoke a sense of elevated ease and warm refinement for a lived-in style.
We believe in quality over quantity, focusing on fewer projects so that we can give each client the creativity, expertise, and attention they deserve through our boutique customer service. Our comprehensive approach means we take a bird' s-eye view of your project, considering every detail from edge to edge of your lot for a cohesive overall design that considers the context of the home. We collaborate with the best builders, interior designers, landscape designers, and craftsmen and manage your project from concept to completion and beyond.

Front Entry

"If it's possible for an architect to know you better than you know yourself, Christy would be the perfect example. She is intuitive, forward-thinking, and logical, anticipating our family's needs before we knew we needed something. Her designs are creative yet practical, beautiful while functional."



The Blume Approach

Our priority is in creating homes that are perfectly tailored to our homeowners far beyond just aesthetics. We build homes that allow function to inform the form and uniquely reflect the lifestyle and story of the family within.

Discovery Process

We get to know you really well by asking a lot of questions, listening intently and paying attention to even the most minute details on our quest to create a profoundly personalized home. This process involves conversations as well as an extensive homework document that all clients fill out.

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