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Christy Blumenfeld

Christy Blumenfeld Founder Blume Architecture

Christy Goode Blumenfeld graduated from Tulane School of Architecture in 1994, and has been practicing high-end residential architecture from her office in Dallas, Texas for the past sixteen years. She had the great gift of training under, and working with esteemed architect Robbie Fusch for a decade before founding Blume Architecture in 2003.


Mrs. Blumenfeld specializes in high-end residential, multi /single family designs. Her passion for travel to experience European Architecture first hand led to a greater appreciation for many styles. She is proficient in French, Italian, Mediterranean, Traditional, Colonial, Creole and Contemporary styles, drawing upon a wealth of creative knowledge gained from both domestic and European journeys.


Mrs. Blumenfeld is a fully licensed architect in the state of Texas, as well as NCARB certified and has worked on a number of projects across the country. Most recently she has completed work in the state of Texas as well as Alabama, California, Georgia, Montana, Oklahoma, Washington, and Virginia.


Blume Architecture is known for innovative use of light and exceptional space planning in a contemporary as well as classical residential settings. Her work is inspired by historical preservation yet bridges the past and present. Marked with a traditionalist’s homage to Classical style, Blumenfeld uses her love of clean lines to give her projects a fresh look.

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